Wise Old Souls - Ep. 4 Jo Laffin

Wise Old Souls - Ep. 4 Jo Laffin

Stories of some well lived Catholic lives

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Geraldine talks to Dr Jo Laffin a senior lecturer in the Faculty of Theology and Philosophy at the Australian Catholic University. She lectures in church history and biblical studies and is currently researching the impact of the Second Vatican Council on the archdiocese of Adelaide.

Raised a protestant, Jo Laffin became a Catholic in 1994 and has dedicated her life to the understanding and teaching of Catholic spirituality and history.

Her doctoral thesis is a biography of Archbishop Matthew Beovich whose influence on Catholic belief and practice was highly significant.

Jo describes the profound changes brought about by the Second Vatican Council, and the unintended expectations placed upon priests as a result.



Geraldine Doogue

Geraldine Doogue

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