Wise Old Souls - Ep. 3 Michael McGirr

Wise Old Souls - Ep. 3 Michael McGirr

Stories of well-lived Catholic lives

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Geraldine catches up with Michael McGirr, best-selling author, former publisher of Eureka St and editor of Australian Catholics. His writings are known for their wisdom and gentle wit, but how has growing up Catholic influenced the life of Michael McGirr?

Born in 1961, he's had quite a journey both inside and outside the Church, joining the Jesuits at the age of 18 where he worked for 21 years (seven as a priest). He left the order in 2000, got married and had three children.

Today he's the director for mission at Caritas Australia, the Catholic Church's international aid and development agency.

He says that after leaving the priesthood his faith became more focused and more deeply spiritual. He became invigorated and excited by his faith, finding new purpose and meaning in community, work and friendships.

As the second Plenary gets underway, Michael McGirr offers some sage advice about the future shape of the church and is not timid with his admonishments.



Geraldine Doogue

Geraldine Doogue

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