Wise Old Souls - Ep. 1 Edmund Campion

Wise Old Souls - Ep. 1 Edmund Campion

Stories of some well-lived Catholic lives

Show notes

Geraldine talks to Edmund Campion, a Sydney priest, writer, historian and academic.

Witty and profound, he describes the many changes in the religious lives of Australian Catholics and what those changes have meant.

Edmund Campion has been described as an encyclopedia of Australian Catholicism, ready to look backwards with a chronicler's honesty and gratitude as he is to look foward in hope.

In this interview Edmund Campion tells of the little-known role that lay-led organisations played 60 years ago in educating the rest of the church about the changes brought about by the Second Vatican Council.

Geraldine asks him where people today should place their best efforts in contributing to the church of the future.



Geraldine Doogue

Geraldine Doogue

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