Plenary Matters S5 Ep 2: A church under pressure

Plenary Matters S5 Ep 2: A church under pressure

Show notes

Just over the halfway point of this first assembly of the synod and the tensions on the floor are no surprise, according to Australian Augustinian Fr Tony Banks. He has a unique vantage point living with five of the synod delegates right beside St Peter's Square and tells Geraldine that the emotions and personal testimonies in the room, which are reportedly disturbing some delegates, are part of the process. While the effects of synodality won't be felt for some years to come, he believes this synod is cementing the notion of a church under pressure to change.

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Watch Cardinal Hollerich and Fr Timothy Radcliffe speak at the opening of the final module in the Instrumentum Laboris on participation, governance and authority.

You can also read Timothy Radcliffe's reflection on the woman at the well, as well as Mark O'Connor's third letter from Rome via the Diocese of Parramatta's Catholic Outlook.

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