Plenary Matters S5 Ep 1: The synod gets underway

Plenary Matters S5 Ep 1: The synod gets underway

Show notes

As the first full week of the synod wraps up Geraldine speaks to Br Mark O’Connor who is in Rome watching and listening on the ground. The pre-synod retreat led by Dominican priest Timothy Radcliffe set a reflective tone for the men and women who will spend the rest of October at round tables just like at Australia’s Plenary Council.

While inside the synod hall delegates seem to be learning the new rules of engagement, Mark is also keeping a close eye and ear on Vatican press proceedings.

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Highly recommended:

• Timothy Radcliffe’s six retreat talks: Hoping against hope; At home in God and God at home in us; Friendship; Conversation on the way to Emmaus; Authority; The Spirit of Truth

• Mark’s Letter One and Two from the synod

• Christopher Lamb’s Tablet podcast with Austen Ivereigh

New York Times article, ‘Vatican Conference Draws All Stripes to Rome, Welcome or Not’

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