Plenary Matters S4: Roundtable on the Synod

Plenary Matters S4: Roundtable on the Synod

Geraldine hosts a roundtable on the latest developments in the Church's Synod-making.

Show notes

Guests were Sr Nathalie Becquart XMCJ, Undersecretary of the Synod of Bishops; Kirsty Robertson, CEO Caritas Australia; Paul McClintock AO, Chairman of Metlife Care, Director Catholic Health Australia, Chairman St Vincent's Health Australia; and Chiara Porro, Australian Ambassador to the Holy See.

You'll hear Sr Nathalie describe her role at the Vatican and now attending a wide range of different international synodal discussions. Paul McClintock eloquently teases out what's asked of people who realise, to their surprise, that they may need to think of themselves as 'church leaders'. Kirsty Robertson is inspirational, describing the commitment of women in the region. And Ambassador to the Holy See Chiara Porro said she really had noticed the power of the global Church to convene highly effective gatherings tackling entrenched disadvantage.

The discussion was recorded at The Chapel, in the Bethany Centre of the Diocese of Parramatta on Friday February 3. It is also available on the diocese's YouTube channel here.

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