Plenary Matters S4 Ep 7: Who are the ministers?

Plenary Matters S4 Ep 7: Who are the ministers?

Show notes

The future church must be more incarnational, says Professor Massimo Faggioli, if it is to respond to the needs of modern Catholics. That is the big question on the table at the upcoming synod in Rome: who will be the ministers in this church?

Critics of the synod reject what they see as a ‘paperwork church’ – a technocracy dressed in any ideological guise. The church is less centralised than it was during Vatican II, but the tone struck so far in this synod has also been different from Vatican II: more respectful, less radical, more hopeful perhaps?

Further reading: Massimo's recent articles in La Croix, 'The Synod as a spiritual response to the fantasies' and 'Understanding the anti-synodal sentiment and tactics.'

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