Plenary Matters Ep 1

Plenary Matters Ep 1


Show notes

Geraldine readies herself for a week of talking and listening and the Catholic Church's Plenary Council which begins on Sunday 3rd October.

It's the first event held in Australia since 1937 and the first where lay-people can attend. All 300 or so participants will gather online from parishes around the country, due to Covid, all primed for respectful but passionate discussion about the future of a troubled Church.

Geraldine speaks to Lana Turvey-Collins, the lay-woman facilitator who's guided the complex organisation. They discuss Lana's ambitions for the Council but also the details about live streaming and access; and to Br Ian Cribb SJ, about the emphasis on Spiritual Conversations, a philosophy drawn from the Jesuit found St Ignatius, which will govern interactions at the Council.



Geraldine Doogue

Geraldine Doogue

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